Discover Hey, King’s Favorite Songs On Their Self-Titled Debut Album

Discover Hey, King's Favorite Songs On Their Self-Titled Debut Album
Discover Hey, King's Favorite Songs On Their Self-Titled Debut Album
Tony Ray Baker I’ll just ask both of you. What’s your favorite song? They can be different. Natalie London I would say Lucky, I think Lucky is is like at the heart of the record for me. Just the idea with the band itself and in our individual lives to be able to go back and tell your childhood self that, it will be okay, I think is really at the heart of the record. Taylor Plecity Lucky is definitely top two. I don’t know, I always switch out, like, there’s like three that are always moving around for me. Lucky, like period, that’s always going to be up there and then Sorry and Morning we already talked about Lucky and Sorry, and Morning is just this… It was one of the very first songs I ever heard of Natalie’s before I even was in the band or anything like that. And I would listen to that song like whether I was at the gym or in my car and then when we were asked to do it for this record and Natalie was like, you sing it, that was huge. And a lot of pressure… Natalie London I love listening back to it and thinking it fit Taylor all along. Taylor Plecity Because it’s like a love song, but it’s not really a love song. It’s one of those perfect unrequited like pieces of garbage that you literally listen to just to like feel something, you know, like everyone has those songs. I love the songs that just make you feel like heartache even if you’re not going through heartache and that’s just one of those songs and you feel it like and you can think about like you know like sometimes I think about Dana Scully from the X-Files and I’m like that relates… Tony Ray Baker I haven’t heard that one. So now I’m excited because I totally agree with you. They’re just sometimes that something gut-wrenching that can bring up that for you and let you just feel that again and let you figure out you still haven’t let go of every tiny little thread to that event or something. That just brings that up and if you’re still there that’s great to let it out. And yeah, I like that.
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