Coronavirus Cancels Community Events

Local Events Cancelled Due To Coronavirus
Local Events Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus Cancels Community Events. It seems like within this past week the Coronavirus has stretched it’s shadow over our lovely community and we are finally beginning to come to grips with a new normal. Social Distancing is the buzzword of the moment, inviting images of dystopian future where human interaction is infrequent. Luckily, many countries across the world have successfully bent the curve of newly-adopted illness and are already on the way towards overcoming the pandemic. We will beat it, too, but we must learn the lessons of those who have gone before us. Lesson #1: Please Keep Your Distance (6ft).

Coronavirus Cancels Community Events – Which Ones?

What follows is an exhaustive list of our community events that we know have been cancelled as of 3/17. To be honest, I expect most if not all community events to either be postponed or cancelled for the time being. And, to go even further, it is not in your best interest to attend any public events for the near future. Not only is it in your best interest, it is the only way to protect a family-member or loved one whom falls in the at-risk community.

You Can Help Flatten the Coronavirus Transmission Curve
You Can Help Flatten the Coronavirus Transmission Curve

To me, that is the salient point. We are not isolating ourselves for ourselves, we are attempting to flatten the curve of newly-adopted cases to allow our medical industrial complex to better care for those patients that will have difficulty coping with the respiratory illness. Our country does not have the equipment or capacity to deal with a large influx of sick patients (it is already overburdened), so it is up to us to limit the rates of infection.

Therein lies the difficulty of the fight ahead and why we need the excellent leadership of our groups to cancel all of their events for the time being. Every individual citizen has to make the choice to accept personal hardship, but the benefit is shared across society. Getting people to make the best decision is difficult in the best of times, it is almost impossible when they themselves cannot see the benefit of their decision. But that is what we are up against, so we must think beyond ourselves and protect the most vulnerable among us. Social Distancing will be a lonely road that we walk together.

Enough With the Pontificating, Which Events are Cancelled?

  • All Southern Arizona Senior Pride community events are cancelled until May 2019. This includes:
    • Book Club – March 18 and April 15
    • GBTQ+ Mens Grief/ Empowerment Group – from March 18 thru April 29
    • Elder LGBTQI+ Discussion Group – Mar. 21 + Apr. 18
    • Intergenerational Potluck – March 28 and April 25
    • LBTQ+ Women’s Grief Group – March 26 thru April 30
    • Senior Pride Steering Committee Meeting – April 2
    • Writing Workshop with Rebecca SeiferleApril 18
  • Tucson G3 is cancelled indefinitely (Check back in May)
  • All Indoor Men’s Social Network Events, including:
    • Downtown Social Hour
    • East Side Social Hour

Watch this page and check back as more events are added to the cancelled list. We will also update the GayTucson Events Calendar to show which events have been cancelled due to Coronavirus. As always, get your information from trusted sources like the CDC. Stay safe and care for each other!

Have a great day!

Tony Ray 🙂