Social Distancing Film Series

Handsome Devil - GayTucson Social Distancing Film Series
Handsome Devil - GayTucson Social Distancing Film Series

As COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life in the Old Pueblo, Darren and I have found ourselves on more than one occasion snuggling up to a new movie in Netflix or Amazon Prime. In times past, entertainment has been our relief from difficult circumstances, and now is no different. That got us to thinking, what are the best gay or lesbian films to take our mind off the pandemic? This is the first installment in what will be a repeating feature of the best gay movies to watch during Coronavirus, the Social Distancing Film Series!

What is the First Movie in the Social Distancing Film Series?

For our first work of art, we will be looking at a delightfully hilarious Irish drama entitled “Handsome Devil.” (Netflix Link) Darren and I happened on this film by accident; we were looking for something Irish to watch on St. Patrick’s Day when this popped up at the top of my search. Well, the Netflix algorithm got this one spot on, not only was it a great Irish movie, but it’s also an amazing gay film!

Tell Me About Handsome Devil

Andrew Scott from Handsome Devil
Andrew Scott from Handsome Devil

The plot revolves around a gay youth whom is forced to go to a boarding school in Ireland. As he is a scrawny kid with no affiliation to Rugby, the other boys are immediately hostile towards him and he has to confront loneliness (social distancing?) and bullying. This is compounded when our main character develops a fatal attraction from the school bully, an Adonis-like athlete that the whole school is infatuated with.

The story is fun, but it’s the performances that really steal the show. Fleabag’s Andrew Scott delivers a scintillating performance, probably his best since Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes The Game Is On. Even surrounded by excellent theatrical talent, Andrew Scott jumps off the screen.

While You’re Stuck at Home, Check This Out!

You are gonna love this incredible movie! Featuring a touching message and wonderful acting, this screenplay is the perfect remedy for being trapped inside. So fire up your favorite streaming device, head over to Netflix and enjoy “Handsome Devil.” Also keep the lookout for the next installment in the Social Distancing Film Series!

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