Get Help During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Get Help During Coronavirus
Get Help During Coronavirus

During uncertain times, it is useful to reach out to others for support and guidance.  Finding these resources can be confusing, so we have gathered avenues for support, guidance, and treatment.  Use this frequently-updated page as your reference so that you can Get Help During Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Hear A Friendly Voice

Senior isolation will be one of the hidden dangers of responding to COVID-19.  The virus has a higher mortality rate in seniors, so we try isolate them from contact to minimize exposure.  However, this is a double-edged sword.  Our seniors are one of the demographics that most need friendly contact and love from their support system.

To resolve this glaring issue, our friends at Southern Arizona Senior Pride are offering a chance to connect now!  They are offering support calls to anyone isolated by COVID-19.  To set up the service, give them a call at 520-312-8923 or send them a message at

Need a Place to Stay?

Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th
Thornhill Lopez Center on 4th

There are a few options for housing during this crisis, depending on your exact situation.  One option for health care workers or recovering COVID-19 patients is a housing partnership spearheaded by the Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce, among others.  You can receive significantly discounted room rates at over 40 local hotels and resorts by vising today!

Homeless youth is another demographic for which we have resources and options.  Allow me a moment on my soap box; if you are a parent with a gay child, love them with all of your heart and support them with everything you have.  Our community is ravaged by a sky-high youth homeless rate and we must do anything we can think of to resolve this crisis.  Once the lockdown is over and businesses go back to normal, I hope we can remember this generous spirit of helping others, especially our most vulnerable citizens.

Okay, I’m back!  LGBTQ Youth still have access to the Thornhill-Lopez Homeless Youth Project.  Monday – Friday from 3 – 5pm, stop in for meals, clothing, transportation and hygiene products.  There are also showers available, however the laundry service has been suspended during the pandemic.  Take advantage of this wonderful respite today!

More Wonderful Services Coming Soon!  Check back regularly!