3 Reasons Why You Need Insurance From a Local Agent

Insurance From A Local Agent
3 Reasons Why You Need Insurance Protection From An Agent Who Cares

The benefits of buying insurance from a local agent is something everyone should discuss.  Especially when buying a home. We want clients to think of the incredible lifestyle they will lead in their new castle and how they can make it reflect their personality.

Insurance protection is more than just protecting us when something goes wrong.  Insurance products can be used to enhance a transaction and bundling them can even save you money!

Sometimes, like my relationship with Kristi Frank at American Family Insurance, your insurance protection can really change your life.  Keep reading to learn 3 reasons why you need insurance protection from someone who cares!


No matter whom you purchase insurance with, they have to offer coverage to protect you should some unforeseen calamity find it’s way to your doorstep.  This is the lowest bar that any insurance must overcome in order to provide certainty for you and your family.

When it comes to insurance products, you really should be looking for a wide variety of products that could cover you as your lifestyle changes.

Insurance From A Local Agent
Krisi Frank with American Family Insurance is An Agent Who Cares

Kristi Frank has the perfect example of a complete insurance portfolio.  Beyond the basic home, car, business and whole life policies, she has some lifestyle coverage like ATV, Farm and Ranch, and RV (recreational vehicle).

Darren and I love to travel so we recently purchased an RV from the Retro Camper Show.   With our homes and cars, plus a brand-new RV, we thought our insurance bill was going to skyrocket.

Luckily, one call to Kristi got a recreational vehicle policy attached to our existing insurance products.  She then went the extra mile to get us an Umbrella policy to cover everything, all while saving us money in the end!

We now have more insurance for a better price, plus a kick ass RV to take across the country!  Talk about a win-win!


This is where an insurance agent can really separate themselves from the pack.  It’s also where we can detect cleavages between local vs cut-rate, online insurance portfolios.  Simply put, there is no possible way an online insurance agency can provide the same level of interpersonal service and communication that you can attain with a local agent.

It’s not only about someone answering the phone when you call.  Local service equates to personal service, with your local agent becoming your friend whom happens to know a bunch about insurance and can hook you up to the right people.

Not only does Kristi Frank of American Family Insurance take extra time to ensure great pricing, she goes out of her way to find ways to help me in my life.

She truly cares about Darren and I, and she shows this level of affection by actively looking for ways to save us money or protect us more completely.  If your agent doesn’t care about you, or views you as another paycheck, they won’t proactively help you should a time of crisis occur.

And they do occur, in fact, one such crisis struck Darren and I, with Kristi serving as our guiding angel delivering us to safely and security (keep reading for the full story).

Visit Krisi Frank of American Family Insurance At Her Office
Visit Krisi Frank of American Family Insurance At Her Office

Peace of Mind

Possibly the most important, and most ephemeral, aspect of insurance is peace of mind.  As animals, we are definitely motivated by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, with the need for safely being paramount.

We trust our insurance products and services to mitigate our losses should they occur, thus protecting us from the slings and arrows of an outrageous misfortune.

But are we truly protected?

With the right insurance agent who cares, you can confidently say, “yes, I am protected”.  That’s how Kristi makes Darren and I feel.  It’s not only that she has provided us with a very comprehensive package of insurance protections, though that helps.

It’s also more than the incredible levels of service she offers us, saving us time and money.  We feel protected because we have a trusted ally, helping us navigate turbulent waters, the whole time with our best interests in mind.

That feeling was crystallized the moment Darren’s car flipped over.  In that instant, our feelings of safety and security were shattered against the realization of the frailty of the mortal coil.

What is protection in a reality where everything can be taken away in an instant?  What is safety?  These are difficult questions, thankfully we did not have to answer them alone.

Enter Kristi Frank

When I found out that Darren was in trouble, my first call was to Kristi.  She was on the scene almost as fast as the police, handling reports and coordinating care.  She allowed me to focus on Darren and getting to a hospital. It was the most important thing in the world to me at that time.  She allowed us to heal.

She continued helping us heal throughout the lengthy process of getting back on our feet.  Kristi Frank is the only agent I trust with what is most valuable to me, my clients.  I’ve sent many of our clients her way without ever hearing anything but great results.

She has been able to save them money all while offering them more comprehensive policies, providing them with even greater peace of mind.

There is no one else, local or national, that can beat the products, services, and peace of mind offered by Kristi Frank and American Family Insurance.  I say this having needed her services myself, and watching in awe as she applied her abilities to make our situation better.  She made our lives better.  That’s what you’ll get with a local insurance agent who truly cares about you!

Now that you know the 3 reasons why you need insurance protection from an agent who cares, what should you do next?  Head over to Kristi Frank’s page to learn even more about her, then give her a call or send an email to see how she can apply her knowledge and abilities to offer you better protection and safety.

It’ll be the most important call you’ve had all day.  Tell her Tony Ray sent you.

Have a great day!
Tony Ray 🙂

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