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Radisson Suites Tucson


6555 E Speedway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85710
(520) 721-7100
Radisson Suites Tucson Website
With plenty of first-class amenities and a swanky midtown location, the Radisson Suites Tucson is one of Tucson’s gay-friendly hotels.

El Rio Community Health Center

Multiple Locations
(520) 670-3909

El Rio Community Health Centers are located throughout Tucson and serve as the primary medical and dental care facilities for over 10% of our population. With such an expansive footprint, they have become known for their easy access and affordable, quality care.

What Does El Rio Community Health Center Provide?

Thanks to it’s all-encompassing mission of providing integrated, comprehensive health care options, El Rio offers a full suite of medical and dental care services. Additionally, they are a large employer in the area and offer great benefits for working there. El Rio Health is a valuable part of Tucson’s social fabric and we thank them for their contributions.

Kristi Frank – American Family Insurance

Kristi Frank American Family Insurance Office Tucson AZ
Kristi Frank American Family Insurance Office Tucson AZ

Kristi Frank – American Family Insurance

Kristi Frank Agency, INC.

4319 E Broadway Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85711
Office: 520-323-0017
Fax: 855-383-8085
24-Hour Claims Reporting: 800-374-1111

I’ve known Kristi Frank for years and she always has been someone in the community I respect and trust. And my clients, they can’t say enough about her. From the minute they walk in and meet her and her associates, they know the experience is going to be different. Everyone is friendly and professional at Kristi Frank’s office.

My clients have told me that they appreciate how Kristi cares enough to really examine their entire financial situation before offering her services. Best of all, she usually gets them more insurance and still saves them money. She has done the same for me.

Whether it’s home owners insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, auto insurance, an umbrella policy or a combination, you should at least give her a call and see what she can do for you.

Kristi Frank American Family Insurance
Kristi Frank American Family Insurance

I know that when you meet Kristi, you’ll feel at ease about discussing and disclosing personal information with her. You will also get an overwhelming sense that she genuinely cares about you and your needs. You’ll know immediately that she is someone on your side and someone you can trust.

You’ll be sending me an email with a big thank you.
A small gift would be nice too, just saying LOL

The legal stuff:
©2005 American Family Mutual Insurance Co. and its Subsidiaries
Home Office – Madison, WI 53783

Velvet & Shadow Photography

Velvet & Shadow Photography in rainbow colors
Velvet & Shadow Photography in color
Welcome to Velvet & Shadow Photography, a rainbow color explosion for the eyes. But, not in an ‘it hurts my head to look at’ kind of way. The lighting is dreamy and the sets are custom to elicit ethereal emotions, perhaps a dream half-forgot…
Velvet & Shadow photography
Look like a dream with Velvet & Shadow Photography
If you’re a regular to 4th Avenue you may have wandered into &Gallery or deliberately gone to their art openings. And if that’s the case there’s a good chance you’ve glimpsed the work of this incredible photographer who makes every shoot memorable. Velvet & Shadow Photography is a Tucson, AZ-based experimental boudoir photography business founded by Isabella Laos that offers personalized photoshoot sessions inside visually stunning hand-crafted sets with rainbow explosions of colorful lights. You can take part in a staging shoot where different models get to use the same set or a completely custom set you and Isabella decide on. For instance, if you want to be a fairy princess she creates the illusions to make it so.


Model Bri posing for Velvet & Shadow Photography
Model Bri poses for Velvet & Shadow Photography
Having worked as a venue and event photographer for many years, Isabella is deeply inspired by the theatrical lights and special effects of the dimly lit stage. Isabella provides positive affirming direction and encouragement throughout each session which cultivates a truly therapeutic journey of self-discovery & empowerment. Boudoir photography makes a lot of people nervous but you don’t have to worry about that with Isabella. She makes every subject feel like the only person in the world. As a result, she guarantees genuine and touching photographs.
We like Velvet & Shadow Photography because she actually listens. Whether you’re having a conversation about your favorite restaurant or coming up with the perfect pirate shoot she’s paying attention and making sure that you feel heard. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a review from local artist Sophie McTear.
Sophie poses for Velvet & Shadow Photography
Sophie posing for Velvet & Shadow Photography

Client Review: Google Sophie McTear

 “I love working with Bella. I feel comfortable and at ease when I’m in front of the camera with her, even when I’m in lingerie! She makes me feel confident, and her photos have such a gorgeous, dreamy quality that she’s honed in on and made completely her own. I love her work and encourage anyone in Tucson to book a shoot with Velvet & Shadow!”

The Details

Company name: Velvet & Shadow
(velvet.and.shadow – Insta)
Contact Name: Isabella
Phone: 5203073775
Pricing: $150+

Center 4 Self-Care

Client Review

The moment I walk into the building, I am at ease. The smells, the natural surroundings, and the pure intention of each practitioner in their healing art moves me. Grateful to see such a sanctuary thriving in what they do best. Samantha S.

(520) 344-2529

3501 E Kleindale Rd
Tucson, AZ 85716

Center 4 Self-Care welcomes you! All of you. The YOU you want to be. We are a queer owned, queer friendly wellness collective. All four owners found our way to Tucson from other parts of the country and felt drawn to opening a business here for the healing energy, welcoming community, and of course the mountain views. We have built a team of experienced, skilled, and informed practitioners providing heart centered services. We believe that self-care is a constantly evolving process as unique and individual as you are.

Our background and passion began with massage therapy and many styles of bodywork. Over the years we have expanded to include energy modalities, acupuncture, postural alignment, health and wellness coaching, all natural locally sourced skin care, yoga, meditation, education, and community wellness events. We are currently excited about partnering with local non-profit organizations to provide access to self-care services to those in recovery. Our hope is that this program will lead to successful outcomes including higher functioning, less dependence on our healthcare system, and improved mental health in our community. As advocates of mental health awareness and members of the Tucson LGBT Chamber of Commerce we enjoy working together to elevate humanity. We strive to connect each other with resources that are supportive in all things wellness. We are here for you and your best self!

Our bodies can hold so much trauma and massage therapy can facilitate healing in a gentle, effective, and affirming way. We believe in the inherent right of everyone to feel good in the skin that they’re in. We pride ourselves on creating a safe space and offering client-centered compassionate connection. Our commitment to being intentionally inclusive is at the core of our mission and vision. Visit our website for more details and to learn more about our offerings, events, and practitioners. We look forward to supporting you on your self-care journey.

Wellness Concepts, LLC

Jaye Allyn of Wellness ConceptsNutrition is one of the most misunderstood topics in the realm of health and wellness. In fact, food isn’t entirely the problem, but frequently, a symptom. That’s why there are Wellness Concepts.

About Jaye Alynn

wellness concepts logoJaye Alynn’s holistic approach to health and weight management through diet addresses simple elements of your metabolic response to food. It also integrates other factors such as your food culture, your food beliefs, and your coping mechanisms. Treating you as a whole person, you benefit from reaching your healthy goals sustainably. Therefore there is no yo-yo. Your journey leads you to your new normal with all the tools you need to answer your body’s needs as life changes – from your 20’s to your 30’s to your 40’s… Jaye graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics from the University of Colorado at Denver.  Subsequent studies led to her certification as Master Nutrition Therapist from the Nutrition Therapy Institute. Her specialties are auto-immune, gluten-free, and nutrition in athletic performance. Recognizing the broader disconnect between food and wellness, Jaye heavily focuses on the basic need for establishing a solid foundation of good nutrition for everybody.

Transition to Tucson

After moving out of her native state of Colorado, Wellness Concepts, LLC was opened in Tucson in May of 2019. Clients can expect a customized program that eliminates guilt and judgment by refocusing on data. Moreover, Jaye helps her clients navigate the feedback they receive from their own bodies thereby establishing meaningful forward-strategy and simple habits. wellness concepts graphConducted through program management principles, clients go through the same compassionate discovery process you would expect. But, then cycle it through a measurable progression that sets realistic (sub)goals, anticipates potential risks, and reviews progress. Incorporating body composition tools provides the inside information that you will never glean from your bathroom scale. Body composition analysis minimizes unhealthy weight loss and lengthy plateaus, subsequently providing a guide map. In addition, as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Jaye is passionate about building strength within the community. She has a genuine eye on all the things that make each of us unique. Furthermore, the absolute greatest gift we can offer to the community and loved ones is a long, healthy life.


Patti B.

“The closet was full of clothes I had outgrown… Airplane seats were getting even tighter. The doctor said the best thing I could do for the knee that was killing me was lose weight. On New Year’s Day, I would start a diet. The next New Year’s Day, I would start a different diet. The daughters were saying, “mom we’re worried about you”. And so it went year after year. Working with Jaye, the weight melted off, but it was not like the typical diet. It was very much a data-driven, proactive, interactive program where Jaye (the coach) taught me (the player) how to win the battle for my health. With her vast knowledge, expertise, and support, I was able to execute a successful game plan. Finally 60+ pounds lighter and 100% smarter about nutrition and how to manage my body, it feels awesome to be this healthy. My bad knee is now pain-free and no longer limits my activities; I don’t dread plane seats; the closet is thinned down to sizes I haven’t worn for two decades; my daughters are ecstatic, and what I learned from Jaye will allow me to experience New Year’s Day with confidence and optimism rather than dread. If you are ready to regain your health, Jaye is the person who can help you make that happen. Without a doubt, working with Jaye was worth every penny and the best money I have ever spent on myself!”

Jazmine P.

“Working with Jaye at Wellness Concepts has been a richly unique and empowering experience. She has taught me how to listen to my body and recognize my own derailing habits. Thereby taking ownership of my role in meeting goals. The transition away from traditional dieting dogma has opened towards sustainable lifestyle patterns. It’s nothing short of liberating and feels natural. Jaye’s program is customized to my body, my lifestyle, changing demands, and stress levels. She keeps me honest and moving in a positive direction. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.”

Wellness Concepts

Company Name: Wellness Concepts, LLC – Nutrition Office Address: Tucson, AZ Contact Name (s): Jaye Alynn Phone (s): 970-889-8896 Pricing: Initial Consult is Free Website: Office hours: by appointment Wellness concepts diploma

Feel Good Fitness Tucson

Image of FeelGood Fitness group

The FeelGood Fitness Tucson community supports one another in developing an overall sense of well-being while maximizing joy through fitness. We offer fun outdoor fitness classes designed for people of all ages and abilities. Our community prides itself in being an all-inclusive, authentic, energetic, safe, and caring community that is 100% body-positive and LGBTQA+ friendly. FeelGood Fitness HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes in public parks include a full-body workout that incorporates strength training, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. FeelGood Fitness Coach Antonio Rubio offers expert training, support, accountability, and inspiration to help his clients meet their personal goals. “I am committed to serving others and cultivating a judgment-free community of fitness friends.”

FeelGood Fitness Tucson Formation

FeelGood Fitness Tucson came to being at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Coach Tony was laid off from his job as a Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor at a local gym that is now permanently closed called the Nerd Gym. Once Coach Antonio realized that the pandemic affected his community’s mental, physical, and social health, he leaped into action. He invested his life savings into FeelGood Fitness Tucson, and he created a safe outdoor fitness space where people can feel connected to the community and enhance their emotional, physical, and social well-being in a time that our community needed it the most.

Image of Coach Tony and 2 clients from Feel Good FitnessCoach Antonio is super passionate about providing space for people that the fitness industry typically underserves. He also is passionate about cultivating community. “I am a Tucson native, and my community here in Tucson has always provided space for me in some of my lowest and darkest periods of life. It is comforting to know that we have the power to create a family through community. If it weren’t for my community, I would not be the person I am today. We all deserve to take up space, feel loved, appreciated, and valued. I try my very best to give that feeling to everyone that comes to my classes or utilizes any of my services.”

There is no other fitness space in Tucson like FeelGood Fitness. Coach Antonio is one of a kind and will inspire you to be the best version of you.

If you are interested in services, you may contact Coach Antonio himself via email or call (520) 358-1264. Tell him Tony Ray at GayTucson sent you : )

FeelGood Fitness Tucson membership flyer

Client Reviews

Joining Feel Good Fitness was the best decision I could’ve made for me and my health this year. Since working with coach Antonio I’ve gained many positive habits, and met many awesome people along the way. It’s only week four of my 12 Week Program and my body is already transforming. Previous to starting I had a shoulder injury that required surgery, but after strength training I may not need it anymore and that is such an exciting thing for me! Every session is full of laughs, positivity and hard work, I look forward to my time spent with coach Antonio, he is the best and his dedication to all of us is beyond admirable.” -Deij Jimenez

“There is so much I could say about this one man wonder. Antonio is a true light of positivity bringing happiness, wellness, and health to Tucson. He is extremely driven by his clients success, and is hyper-focused on YOUR goals. Antonio is able to cater to whatever physical needs you may have. He creates personalized workouts, that he shares with you after your personal session so you can go home and continue the progress you have started!! I have never met anyone like him, he is truly changing the Tucson fitness community one client at a time.

If you have gone from personal trainer to personal trainer, gym to gym, maybe not seeing results, not hearing the things you want to hear, please reach out because he is seriously unlike no other. I have personally been on my fitness journey for 4 years, and have never felt so motivated and cared for by someone who I am simply a client for. Much love for FeelGood Fitness Tucson.” -Kayla Stegner

Ramada by Wyndham


777 W. Cushing Street
Tucson, Arizona 85745
Ramada by Wyndham

Located less than 3 blocks from the Tucson Convention Center and within 3 miles of the U of Arizona and Pima Community College, the Ramada is one of our favorite gay-friendly hotels because of its amazing location! Located right along the light rail, stay here and get to wherever you are going without a car making this a great launching pad to go explore Tucson’s vibrant downtown.

This is the closest hotel to the Roadrunners Hockey Arena, you could even walk to the game! It’s also next to the Tucson Convention Center where Tucson’s Comic-Con is held!

When you’re ready to get some exercise or simply connect with nature there are biking and jogging paths right at the River Walk.

Enjoy resort-like ambiance on 8-acres with courts and lawns and be well-positioned to explore all the best things Tucson’s downtown has to offer.

Weddings by John

Rainbow heart with
Just Married phrase on the bright watercolor rainbow heart.
Lesbian Weddings by John Are you planning on getting married soon? Make sure you hire a caring, certified, charismatic wedding officiant like Weddings by John. As your wedding celebrant, I will dedicate myself to working with you to create the perfect ceremony. I will meet with both of you either in person or virtually and together we will build a plan for your dream wedding ceremony. I have vast experience in crafting the perfect celebration that fits your needs exactly, for an elopement, huge event, or anywhere in between. It can be non-religious, semi-religious, traditional, unique, or something totally different. Gay Weddings by JohnI am especially thrilled to officiate LGBTQ+ couples having been with my husband for almost 30 years. As a licensed wedding celebrant, I will guide you through the process. Informing you and letting you know all the options available to you. It is my desire to individually craft your wedding ceremony to reflect your love for each other and your personal style… Anywhere you choose. I am located in Tucson Arizona. And, I love guiding couples to plan and execute one of the most important events of their lives together.  

Testimonials for Weddings by John

Rainbow sole sneakers“As a gay couple, we had a difficult time finding an officiant who understood who we really were and what we wanted… then we found John and couldn’t have been happier.  He made our wedding beautiful, personal, poignant, magical, and perfect. Thanks, John –  Jennifer & Roo


“Not only did John create a ceremony that represented all of our wishes and hopes, but his caring, guidance and welcoming presence made our wedding ceremony perfect.”

Robbie Sanchez

“We wanted something special for our wedding ceremony and could not have found a better person than John to make our wedding ceremony MORE amazing than we could have ever expected. Highly recommend his services.” – Janice Mitchell Weddings by John certified officiant   Weddings By John Website – Email – Phone number – 312-576-3383