Get In The Holiday Cheer with Reveille Men’s Chorus Beau with a Bow

Reveille Men's Chorus
Reveille Men's Chorus presents BEAU WITH A BOW

It’s about time to kick that Christmas cheer up a notch thanks to our wonderful friends at Reveille Men’s Chorus. Their annual holiday concert is one of my most cherished yearly events, and I was very sad that I had to miss it this year. Thankfully, Reveille heard my Christmas wish and has created an online offering. So set your calendars for Reveille Men’s Chorus Beau with a Bow!

Join The Cast of Reveille Men's Chorus as they perform their Holiday Concert Beau with a Bow
Join The Cast of Reveille Men’s Chorus as they perform their Holiday Concert Beau with a Bow

When and How Do I Attend Reveille Men’s Chorus’ Beau with a Bow?

Just like seemingly everything we interact with these days, Reveille Men’s Chorus has gone virtual. This year, they will be presenting their holiday concert on the night of December 18th at 7pm. It will premier on the event website:

After this time, the online event can be streamed whenever you wish to watch it at the same web address. This is a great option as you are free to watch in your leisure, or you can set up a viewing party (remember social distancing) and enjoy it with loved ones.

What Can I Expect at the Event?

You can expect the same top-notch production quality and incredible vocal talent that you have come to expect from Reveille. Additionally, you will love the modern storytelling and you will become enthralled with the three intersecting narratives that make up this years’ holiday tale.

What more could you want? We are given the present of song at a time that we prefer and all we have to do is click a pretty blue link? Sign me up! I expect to see you at the premier on December 18th of Reveille Men’s Chorus Beau with a Bow!

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