The Gift of Song from The Helios Ensemble

Relax to the dulcet tones of The Helios Ensemble.  They are a wonderful Tucson-based musical group under the direction of Ben Hansen. Press play on their YouTube performance. You will be lifted to a higher plane by the harmonious voices of each member in this wonderful ensemble. Once you’re done, share it with a friend. Head back here to learn how to support and become a part of The Helios Ensemble!

The Gift of Song From The Helios Ensemble

How You Can Help

Creating delightful musical experiences is tough work. A three minute video is a culmination of hours of musical and technical effort. Let them know how much you appreciate their hard work by donating today!

How You Can Join The Helios Ensemble

Are you willing to the devote the hours of intensive practice and performance necessary to be a member of this illustrious group? Contact Artistic Director Ben Hansen at or call him at (202) 262-3634 to schedule an audition. This is a fabulous opportunity to improve your skill and be part of a loving, supportive team!