The Morning After: How To Hack Your Mood

The Morning After - How To Hack Your Mood
The Morning After - How To Hack Your Mood

Last night was too much fun, long, and liquid. This morning, all efforts to pull yourself together are not happening. You want just to cover your head with a blanket—but duty awaits. What to do besides grin and bear it? You could hack your good mood hormones. Here’s how:

Endorphins: you might first benefit from a shot of these hormones if your body feels pain or stress. Have sex to get this hormone rolling–yes. If a partner is unavailable, reach for some dark chocolate or remember last night and have a good belly laugh. Tough choices? Do them all.

Dopamine: a fun, feel-good neurotransmitter that drives your brain’s reward system. Oh yes, how good it is. Try listening to your favorite upbeat music tonight, catch a few extra z’s, eat a sweet treat, and limit alcohol/drug use.

Serotonin: if you want to hold onto that good mood from all the sex you had (see endorphin hacks), release this hormone to stabilize your mood, improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and increase happiness. Go outside and get some sunshine. Go for a walk, do some cardio or calm down and practice meditation. Praying your lousy mood goes away words also.

Oxytocin is that sexy bonding hormone released when we feel connected to people. Pet your dog or cat. Kiss, give a hug, or get a massage.

Never would I have envisioned me at the gym regularly. Never. However, the fix and attitude adjustment I get for working out cannot be hacked. The days I don’t feel like going are the days I really need it. So, I drag myself to the gym and walk out brand new just one hour later.

Carlos Valenzuela is a bilingual inspirational writer and a past global beauty educator with a master’s in international business. He writes on positivism and success and is the author of the award-winning novella Letters to Young Carlos and its sequel, Camaleón, The Lost Years Living in the Closet.  Visit

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