Tucson Receives a Perfect Score as LGBT Friendly City via HRC Human Rights Campaign

The Human Right Campaign gives Tucson a Perfect Score as an LGBT Friendly City

That’s right, that says perfect score. Well actually, Tucson scored a 106 out of 100 with the bonus points.

Basically, the data implies that Tucson’s LGBT and straight-allied community is,

All that and a bag of chips, icing-on-the-cake, and like the millennials are saying, lit, lit lit!

Spending most of my life in Tucson, I can attest to this. Tucson truly is an amazing place for the LGBT and straight allied community to live. Tucsonans are united with little to no discrimination and the governing bodies are supportive.

Many cities have a specific “gay district” or “gay neighborhood”, but Tucson is different. The neighborhoods are not segregated in Tucson. Everyone just lives everywhere and the same thing goes for gay bars. Yes, we do have gay bars in Tucson, but not as many as you’d imagine. We actually used to have a lot more, but bar owners had trouble staying in business because gay Tucsonans were socializing at the same places as their strait-allied friends. Go Tucson.

We are so proud of this recognition from the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). The HRC is the largest LGBT civil rights advocacy group and political lobbying organization in the United States. For 2016, the HRC researched a total of 506 cities from every state in the nation to determine each cities Municipal Equality Index (MEI). This score demonstrates the ways that many cities can—and do—support the LGBTQ people who live and work there.

Check out this PDF of Tucson’s in depth scorecard: Tucson Arizona 2016

If you’d like to see the scores of other cities, you can check out the study on Human Right’s Campaign website: HRC’s MEI

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