Best. Pride. Ever.

Pride parade 2019
Best. Pride. Ever.

Three words accurately describe the experience I had over the weekend during Tucson Pride 2019. Three words convey the sense and grandeur and spectacle provided by the Tucson Pride Parade 2019. Only three words can communicate the awesome atmosphere once you weathered the insanely long line to enter the event. Best. Pride. Ever!

Tucson Pride Parade 2019

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Take a few minutes to experience the majesty that was the Tucson Pride Parade. I have been a long-time viewer and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this was the largest and most fun Pride Parade that has ever hit the Tucson streets.

There was star power-galore with Lucinda Holliday and Justin Deeper-Love leading the parade as the newly-crowned 2019 Tucson Pride Royalty. The floats we well-decorated and all the volunteers were actively taking selfies and giving candy to the burgeoning crowd. There were puppies and acrobatics and fancy cars and even Elizabeth Warren, what more could anyone ask for?

Best Tucson Pride Festival Ever

Pride parade 2019
Best Tucson Pride Festival Ever

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that, due to my responsibility on the Pet Partners advisory board, I wasn’t able to mingle and experience as much of the Pride Festival as I had hoped. It wasn’t a bad thing – Pet Partners is a phenomenal organization and we were able to share lots of puppy kisses and hugs with the community.

I just wish I was able to watch more of the entertainers. I was definitely able to listen to many glorious ballads and vocal performances, also, I was able to dance a bit as the afternoon wore on and the DJ’s started spinning the hits.

At this point, I have to mention the size of the audience for this wonderful event. Never have I ever seen Tucson turn out so spectacularly for any event, let alone Gay Pride. There were thousands of laughing, smiling faces enjoying each other’s company. It was amazing!

I’d also like to comment on the awesome turnout of young people with their families. Teaching tolerance and inclusion is one of my life’s missions, and it was incredible to see so many young adults and children taking lessons right in front of me. This was truly one of my highlights of the whole event!

Best Pride Ever

Take the Best Pride Parade I’ve ever been to outside of New York and combine it with the largest and most impressive Pride Festival Tucson has ever seen. What do you get? Three words that will stay with me until we get to experience the whole thing again next year. Best. Pride. Ever.

Have a great day!

Tony Ray 🙂

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