Charlize Theron Approves of Lesbian “Die Hard” Reboot

Charlize Theron Approves of Lesbian
Charlize Theron Approves of Lesbian "Die Hard" Reboot

The world has been atwitter since Charlize Theron delighted fans on Twitter by signaling a willingness to work on a Die Hard reboot developed around a lesbian protagonist. Die Hard has a soft spot in the hearts of movie-goers across the country. Its a holiday classic! Lets dive into what a lesbian Die Hard starring Charlize Theron could look like!

Die Hard, Starring Charlize Theron

Tough-as-nails police detective Joan McLane pulls into the below-ground under her upscale New York loft complex. She opens her car door and the scent of cigarette smoke and Dior spill onto the pavement. It rolls beneath the door casting a haze around her $2,000 Jimmy Choo’s as she walks towards the elevator with purpose.

Cut to elevator doors opening to a festive atmosphere with holiday music playing. Neighbors mingling in the common areas of this close-nit neighborhood. Our protagonist is quickly greeted by well-wishers and friends while she eagerly scans the courtyard with her eyes. Finally, her gaze falls upon her lovely wife, Hailey, busy discussing neighborhood security with members of the HOA board.

There had been a series of break-in’s reported in the area and while nothing has of yet been reported as missing, there have been unusual disruptions to peoples internet connections and IoT devices have been malfunctioning as of late. Something is going on, and someone needs to figure out what it is… END SCENE

Charlize Theron Saves The Holidays

This was like an early Christmas present for me. I love Charlize and the thought of her rebooting a beloved holiday franchise with modern themes and identities is truly exciting. It also got me in the holiday spirit. I started thinking about my favorite movies to cuddle up to this time of year. Look out next week for our special on GayTucson Approved Holiday Movies! Also, while you are in the movie frame of mind, check out our Favorite Gay Movies Streaming on Netflix and Fun Flashback Movies While (Still) Stuck at Home!