Food Conspiracy Co-op

Amazing Selection at Food Conspiracy Co-op
Amazing Selection at Food Conspiracy Co-op

412 N 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

We are a full service grocery store on 4th Avenue focusing on local, organic, and wellness food and health products.  We are member owned and open to all, guided by democratic decision making and actively working to practice as an inclusive, anti-racist organization and business.

Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus Tucson Showroom

Mobility Plus

(520) 225-0415

Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-3:00


Mobility Plus
245 S Tucson Blvd Ste 2
Tucson AZ 85719

Mobility Plus
10861 N Mavinee Dr Ste 155
Oro Valley AZ 85737

Mobility Plus
9140 N Silverbell Rd Ste 120
Marana AZ 84743

Mobility Plus is a locally owned small business and it is operated by Gary & Dan Ross. They are proud to be part of Tucson’s LGBTQ community and Gary is a veteran with over 25 years of service. Mobility Plus is a franchise that offers sales, repairs, installations, and rentals of scooters, ramps, lifts, and more. Gary & Dan opened their first location in Central Tucson, and they plan to open a location in Oro Valley and in East Tucson.

Gary was a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy and Dan was a Flight Attendant at US Airways when they met in 2000. They were living in Tucson when they made headlines in 2011 by becoming the first same-sex military couple to legally marry following the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Gary & Dan also successfully challenged the constitutionality of the so-called “Defense of Marriage Act” when it comes to military spousal benefits.

Gary received new military orders, so they moved away from Tucson. However, Gary and Dan left their hearts in Tucson, and they dreamed about returning. Their dream became a reality when they purchased a Tucson home in 2019 and moved permanently in 2020. They have enjoyed reuniting with old friends and making new friends. Gary and Dan adore the Old Pueblo because of the sunshine, warmth, history, and culture—not to mention Tucson is a UNESCO City of Gastronomy!

Gary and Dan researched several business opportunities before they decided to open Mobility Plus. “We improve people’s lives by consulting with them to find the right solutions for their mobility needs,” says Gary Ross. “We help people maintain their independence and age in place in the homes they love,” says Dan Ross. Mobility Plus is committed to exceeding its client’s expectations by offering internet pricing along with personalized service, delivery, and installation.

Mobility Plus Storefront
Mobility Plus Storefront


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El Rio Community Health Center

Multiple Locations
(520) 670-3909

El Rio Community Health Centers are located throughout Tucson and serve as the primary medical and dental care facilities for over 10% of our population. With such an expansive footprint, they have become known for their easy access and affordable, quality care.

What Does El Rio Community Health Center Provide?

Thanks to it’s all-encompassing mission of providing integrated, comprehensive health care options, El Rio offers a full suite of medical and dental care services. Additionally, they are a large employer in the area and offer great benefits for working there. El Rio Health is a valuable part of Tucson’s social fabric and we thank them for their contributions.

Therapy For All

(360) 784-4050
4021 E Grant Rd. Suite 145
Tucson, Arizona 85712
Nina Bingham’s Work on Amazon

Nina Bingham, MS
Nina Bingham, MS

Nina Bingham is an award-winning Author and life voyager who strives to inspire conscious living and conscious dialogue. She writes books that are electric with honesty and passion, causing readers to explore topics such as the soul. Nina earned an AA in Psychology, a BA in Applied Psychology, and completed her MS in Mental Health Counseling program. She is a master-level Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified Sound Therapist using tuning forks for painless acupuncture, a Reiki Master who was initiated and taught by a Peruvian shaman, and an Intuitive who channels books about the Archangels. Nina is a member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and has been in private practice for 19 years. 

Nina lives with her wife and dog in Tucson, Arizona, and can be found paddling her kayak on Arizona lakes. Before moving to Tucson, she and her wife lived in Portland, Oregon where Nina had a mental health counseling private practice. Personally, she is a practicing Hindu who received the honorary name Devi from her guru in India (but you can call her Nina). She enjoys growing and smoking her own brand of CBD flower, Devi’s Dream (it doesn’t make you high, just happy). Her wife Rachael sells CBD products such as CBD flower, oil, and pain relief products. Her greatest joy in life is to engage with the LGBTQ community, and she has written her difficult coming-out story in her autobiography, Once The Storm Is Over (you can find her books on Amazon).She also writes a self-help blog:

Clients describe Nina as professional, caring and insightful, and she is a 5-star Groupon merchant. Jeanne left this comment on Groupon about her first Hypnosis session: “Very nice and relaxing experience! This is my first Hypnosis experience but definitely won’t be my last!”

Pop Cycle

Pop Cycle 4th Ave Tucson AZ

Pop Cycle

Pop Cycle is one of my favorite shops on 4th Ave.

Pop Cycle is a retail gift shop that sells unique, green, fun things made from recycled items.

Fun, Campy and Gay Friendly, once you enter you’ll know why I love Pop Cycle. Find earrings and clothes and wall art and cards and all kinds of great gifts. Even some fun things with gay icons like wonder woman! There are so many cool things, I usually go through the store a few times to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I particularly love the letters made from recycled cans. I have the word “imagine” across the wall between my kitchen and great room. If you don’t see the letters you want, just ask, they can usually find you the letters to make your favorite word(s) or saying(s).

Also check Pop Cycle on 4th Ave for Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) stuff.  I bought the awesome little green skeleton (see photo below) there.

Last time I was there they had some license plates that you could customize, I think. lol You’ll have to check and see.

Go in and play and have fun and remember to tell them you found them on!

Pop Cycle

422 N 4th Ave
Tucson, AZ 85705


Velvet & Shadow Photography

Velvet & Shadow Photography in rainbow colors
Velvet & Shadow Photography in color
Welcome to Velvet & Shadow Photography, a rainbow color explosion for the eyes. But, not in an ‘it hurts my head to look at’ kind of way. The lighting is dreamy and the sets are custom to elicit ethereal emotions, perhaps a dream half-forgot…
Velvet & Shadow photography
Look like a dream with Velvet & Shadow Photography
If you’re a regular to 4th Avenue you may have wandered into &Gallery or deliberately gone to their art openings. And if that’s the case there’s a good chance you’ve glimpsed the work of this incredible photographer who makes every shoot memorable. Velvet & Shadow Photography is a Tucson, AZ-based experimental boudoir photography business founded by Isabella Laos that offers personalized photoshoot sessions inside visually stunning hand-crafted sets with rainbow explosions of colorful lights. You can take part in a staging shoot where different models get to use the same set or a completely custom set you and Isabella decide on. For instance, if you want to be a fairy princess she creates the illusions to make it so.


Model Bri posing for Velvet & Shadow Photography
Model Bri poses for Velvet & Shadow Photography
Having worked as a venue and event photographer for many years, Isabella is deeply inspired by the theatrical lights and special effects of the dimly lit stage. Isabella provides positive affirming direction and encouragement throughout each session which cultivates a truly therapeutic journey of self-discovery & empowerment. Boudoir photography makes a lot of people nervous but you don’t have to worry about that with Isabella. She makes every subject feel like the only person in the world. As a result, she guarantees genuine and touching photographs.
We like Velvet & Shadow Photography because she actually listens. Whether you’re having a conversation about your favorite restaurant or coming up with the perfect pirate shoot she’s paying attention and making sure that you feel heard. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a review from local artist Sophie McTear.
Sophie poses for Velvet & Shadow Photography
Sophie posing for Velvet & Shadow Photography

Client Review: Google Sophie McTear

 “I love working with Bella. I feel comfortable and at ease when I’m in front of the camera with her, even when I’m in lingerie! She makes me feel confident, and her photos have such a gorgeous, dreamy quality that she’s honed in on and made completely her own. I love her work and encourage anyone in Tucson to book a shoot with Velvet & Shadow!”

The Details

Company name: Velvet & Shadow
(velvet.and.shadow – Insta)
Contact Name: Isabella
Phone: 5203073775
Pricing: $150+

CourtsArt – The Art of Courtney Kelley

CourtsArt - The Art of Courtney Kelly
CourtsArt - The Art of Courtney Kelly

CourtsArt – The Art of Courtney Kelley

What is CourtsArt?

From the brilliant, creative mind of Courtney Kelly comes this whimsical yet intimate portrayal of man’s furry friends. I have always been a HUGE animal lover.

Besides our baby, Keeley Bear, we regularly feed and care for neighborly cats, transient rabbits, and all matter of migrating birds. It was hard for me to express my love devotion for life’s most vulnerable and delicate creatures until I first laid eyes upon my favorite Courtney Kelly masterpiece, “Greyhound De La Muerte”. (pictured above)

Now, thanks to the wonders of the internet, you too can have your very own Courtney Kelly displayed prominently above your fireplace.

For a nominal price, CourtsArt (partnered with Etsy Art) will delivery a high-quality archival print of any one of her fantastic works, including “High Five Kitty” (pictured right) and many others. Visit to view the entire catalog and let Courtney know how much you love her!

Rest In Pride

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